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My name is Nicola, I am a Psychic - Medium. 


Being a Medium & connecting with your love ones in spirit is such a privilege, I feel very honoured to bring through their messages and share this with you.
To know our loved ones are around us to share in our joys and be there for comfort when needed is so beautiful.  

Having a reading can be for many reasons whether it is for guidance, connecting with loved ones or wanting to know where life is heading its always special.   I am always amazed what comes through & to know life continues after we have passed is beautiful.  

I am based in Mindarie, Perth.

Face to Face readings available in Perth - Western Australia.
Zoom or Facetime readings also available.

If times listed are not convenient please let me know & I can look at other times for you.

Look forward to reading for you.
If you would like anymore information please contact me on or 0403178469

Thank you



Reiki for Women & Children

Reiki is a complementary therapy relating to energy healing, a gentle touch to improve balance in your body.  My hands will be gently placed of your body to transfer the energy I am receiving (if you prefer no touch that is fine).
It is known to assist with stress, anxiety, tension & pain in the body,
A non invasive, non manipulative gentle touch, it will leave you feeling relaxed.  I also use sound bowls & crystals to add to the healing process.
It does not treat conditions on its own but can be used to support traditional treatment. Always consult your doctor with any concerns with illness.

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Receiving messages from you loved ones in spirit is so special,
I feel very blessed to share this with you.