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Welcome to Breath of Light 

For many years I have purchased crystals for myself and family for lots of different reasons.  I absolutely love the positive healing energy they have not to mention they look great too.


While my boys were growing up they had many crystals to help when needed they probably thought oh no not another one, however they have all left home and their crystals have moved out with them, so great to see they are still using them.

I feel extremely privileged to be a Psychic - Medium and also practice Reiki, it is an honour to connect with spirit.  My love of Tarot & Oracle cards also comes into my readings for intuitive guidance.  Crystals have been a big part of my spiritual journey, I am excited to share this to help people with their mind, body and wellbeing.

As 2020 was a big year for many, this was my time to do what I was meant to do and start Breath of Light.  I love buying for the store and take pride in handpicking our beautiful pieces for you to have as your own.

I have a special interest in children and believe crystals can help with mindfulness and coping mechanisms during the school age years.  I would love to see households introduce their children to crystals and meditation from an early age to help them through the ups and downs of life and prepare them for the challenges ahead.

If we don't stock what you are looking for please contact me on and I would be happy to look into that for you.

I guarantee exceptional customer service, you will not be disappointed.

Have a wonderful day, thank you for visiting my store.

Nicola xx

Wellbeing, Crystals, Calmness, Connection, Spiritual Journey, Healing.

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